ANSI 52-2 disc suspension insulator,high tension disc insulator

ANSI 52-2 disc suspension insulator is also called high tension disc insulator, because the porcelain is main material of it. ANSI 52-2 disc suspension insulator is clevis and tongue type connection way.

ANSI 52-2 disc suspension insulator is used on high voltage overhead T&D transmission and distribution lines, especially for extreme high voltage transmission lines and irreplaceable by other kinds of porcelain insulators. Just like all of electrical insulators, porcelain disc insulators plays a role in supporting and insulation on these overhead lines.

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High tension disc insulator includes normal types and anti-pollution types. ANSI 52 series porcelain disc suspension insulator products belong to normal types, and anti-pollution suspension insulator types have a better anti-pollution ability for its special shape with deeper grooves or larger creepage distance.

ANSI 52-2 disc suspension insulator technical parameters:

ANSI Type ANSI 52-2
Main dimension
D 190.5
H 146
Leakage distance-mm 210
Power frequency puncture voltage-KV 90
Power freq. Dry 65
Wet 35
Critical impulse
1.5×40us wave
Pos. 115
Neg. 115
Radio influence voltage Test voltage to ground- KV 7.5
Max. RIV at 1000kHz-μV 50
Rated E&M failing load- KN 70
Tension proof load-KN 35
Impact strength-N.m 5.5

ANSI 52-2 disc suspension insulator Rated E&M failing load is 15730 pounds, namely 70KN. Porcelain disc insulator mechanical strength test should be done under apply certain electricity, that is to do combined mechanical and electrical strength tests for High tension disc insulator.

Orient Power participates in International tenders and cooperates with other international entities company. Our suspension insulators used widely all over the world.

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