ANSI 52-3 disc suspension insulator,disc suspension porcelain insulator

ANSI 52-3 disc suspension insulator is made of porcelain ceramic, and is ball and socket type disc suspension porcelain insulator on the basis of the end fittings connection types.

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ANSI52-3 disc suspension insulator structure and materials:
ANSI52-3 disc suspension insulator consists of ceramic insulator shells, metal parts and cotter keys. Porcelain disc suspension insulator shells are made of wet-process porcelain. Shells surface is smooth for its glaze and have a better anti-pollution ability.

Metal parts: Cotter keys are made of bronze, brass, or austenitic stainless steel, which called cold-drawn wire, and other metal parts shall be made of a good commercial grade of malleable iron, ductile iron, steel, or aluminum. The hot dip galvanized is according to ASTM A153-82.

ANSI 52-3 disc suspension insulator technical parameters:

ANSI Type ANSI 52-3
Main dimension
D 254
H 146
Leakage distance-mm 292
Power frequency puncture voltage-KV 110
Power freq. Dry 80
Wet 50
Critical impulse
1.5×40us wave
Pos. 125
Neg. 130
Radio influence voltage Test voltage to ground- KV 10
Max. RIV at 1000kHz-μV 50
Rated E&M failing load- KN 70
Tension proof load-KN 35
Impact strength-N.m 6

ANSI52-3 disc suspension insulator color includes brown, white and gray. If the disc suspension porcelain insulator color is gray, it shall be in accordance with ANSIZ55.1.

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