ANSI 52-5 disc suspension insulator,ceramic disc insulator

ANSI 52-5 disc suspension insulator is composed of insulator shells, metal parts and cotter keys, and is the ball and socket type ceramic disc insulator used for overhead lines of power system.

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The ANSI 52-5 ceramic disc insulator end fittings connection types is ball & socket completed with the spilt cotter key. Orient Power can manufacture the ceramic disc insulator with the insulator pin fitted with zinc sleeve. The ring of the zinc on the steel pin can provide stronger protection and better electrical performance for ANSI 52-5 disc suspension insulator.

The applicable standards of ANSI 52-5 disc suspension insulator test, manufacturing and design are ANSI C29.1, C29.2, IEC 60383. ANSI 52-5 disc suspension insulator Rated E&M failing load is 111KN, equal to 25000lb.

ANSI 52-5 disc suspension insulator technical parameters:

ANSI Type ANSI 52-5
Main dimension
D 254
H 146
Leakage distance-mm 292
Power frequency puncture voltage-KV 110
Power freq. Dry 80
Wet 50
Critical impulse
1.5×40us wave
Pos. 125
Neg. 130
Radio influence voltage Test voltage to ground- KV 10
Max. RIV at 1000kHz-μV 50
Rated E&M failing load- KN 111
Tension proof load-KN 55.5
Impact strength-N.m 7

ANSI 52-5 disc suspension insulator Test or inspection:

ANSI 52-5 disc suspension insulator Design test or type test: low-frequency dry/wet flashover test, positive and negative critical impulse flashover test, thermal-mechanical load test, thermal shock test, cotter key test, cement expansion test and so on.

ANSI 52-5 porcelain disc suspension insulator quality confirmation tests or sample test: visual and dimensional tests, porosity test, galvanizing test, puncture tests and so on.

Ceramic disc insulator routine insulator test only includes tension proof test and flashover test.

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