ANSI 52-8 disc suspension insulator,suspension type insulators overhead lines

ANSI 52-8 disc suspension insulator is one of the suspension type insulators overhead lines and has high mechanical tension load which ensures long life span and protect power line.

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ANSI 52-8 disc suspension insulator applications:
ANSI 52-8 disc suspension insulator is used on overhead transmission lines with line voltages ranging from 10kv to 1000kv for supporting, suspending and insulation. Ceramic disc suspension insulators don’t have rated voltage and is used as suspension insulator strings.

ANSI 52-8 disc suspension insulator string is fixed on suspension clamp to suspend conductors and used on strain line tower and angle jumper wire. Suspension insulator strings have many classes, and the common porcelain disc suspension insulator types are single suspension string type, double suspension strings type and V type suspension string.

Strain insulator string is fixed on strain clamp to anchor conductors and used on bearing strength power tower. The common suspension type insulators overhead lines string types are single strain string and double strain string. Strain insulator string has a high mechanical strength than suspension insulator string.

ANSI 52-8 disc suspension insulator technical parameters:

ANSI Type ANSI 52-8
Main dimension
D 280
H 146
Leakage distance-mm 280
Power frequency puncture voltage-KV 110
Power freq. Dry 80
Wet 50
Critical impulse
1.5×40us wave
Pos. 125
Neg. 130
Radio influence voltage Test voltage to ground- KV 10
Max. RIV at 1000kHz-μV 50
Rated E&M failing load- KN 160
Tension proof load-KN 80
Impact strength-N.m 10

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