fog type suspension insulator,160KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator

160KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator is a common fog type suspension insulator and can be used on high voltage, ultrahigh voltage, extra high voltage transmission lines by forming suspension insulator strings.

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According to pollution status of environment, Orient Power anti-fog suspension insulators divided into aero dynamic type, double sheds type and bell shaped type. 160KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator is commonly bell shaped type.

The diameter of the aero dynamic type insulator is bigger than other anti-fog disc insulators and can prevent damage from bird and icing up. Anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator double sheds type is used commonly in China. Bell shaped type anti-pollution porcelain disc suspension insulator, such as 160KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator, is the choice of most of customers from all over the world.

The connection way of 160KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator:
Ball & socket type, completed with the W clip or R clip cotter key, which made of stainless steel. Clevis and tongue type, completed with hump type cotter key. These end fittings used in 160KN fog type suspension insulator is made according to IEC60120.

In addition to the 160KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator, Orient Power fog type suspension insulator includes other strength ranks: 70KN, 80KN, 90KN, 100KN, 120KN, 210KN, 300KN. Their code numbers are XHP-70, XHP-80, XHP-90, XHP-100, XHP-120, XHP-210 and XHP-300…

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