fog type disc insulator,210KN anti-pollution ceramic disc insulator

210KN anti-pollution ceramic disc insulator or anti fog disc insulator, supplied by Orient Power suspension insulator manufacturer, is used widely on high voltage transmission lines for its high mechanical strength.

210KN anti-pollution ceramic disc insulator-Orient                210KN anti-pollution disc insulator-Orient

210KN anti-pollution ceramic disc insulator are designed with deep grooves which increases the protected creepage and creepage distance, which are more suitable for operation near the coast or on high polluted areas.

These fog type ceramic suspension insulators are made of ceramic, and design according to IEC international insulator standard. Inspection and tests of 210KN anti-pollution / fog type disc insulator:
Type tests: do this after production according to a new design
Sample test: do before delivery
Routine test: do on each insulator
The mechanical strength test should be done under apply certain electricity, that is to do combined mechanical and electrical strength tests.

210KN anti-pollution ceramic disc insulator End fitting connection types: Ball and socket or Clevis and tongue. It is manufactured according to customers’ requirements.

Zhengzhou Orient Power Co., Ltd has been specializing in the production of insulator for 15 years, trading with 20 countries’ company. If you need fog type disc insulator, please contact us freely.

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