110kv/132kv 120KN polymer suspension insulator

110kv/132kv 120KN polymer suspension insulator is widely used high voltage transmission lines for its high mechanical strength, hydrophobicity, superior material and technology and other specifications.

110kv/132kv 120KN polymer suspension insulator-Orient Power               110kv/132kv 120KN suspension insulator-Orient Power

Silicone rubber is the main material of composite suspension insulator, and the 110kv/132kv 120KN polymer suspension insulator is made of high temperature vulcanising silicone rubber or HTV silicone rubber. This material used by Orient Power makes polymer suspension insulators have much better properties.

110kv/132kv 120KN polymer suspension insulator specifications:
Hydrophobicity: The layer of silicone oil is only a few molecules thick and provides the hydrophobic properties of the composite suspension insulators surface.
Leakage currents: Has a better performance during severe environmental conditions, and also reduces the risk for flashovers and thus increases the reliability of the product and eliminates the disturbances in the power grid resulting from such events.
Lightweight: The high mechanical strength of the insulation material supports the silicone rubber insulators, which need to be just 5 mm thick with the exception of the sheds. With a more light weight design, the ability to withstand earthquakes is increased as well.

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