80KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator

80KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator has good electrical performance and anti-pollution, and anti-pollution suspension insulator is suitable for polluted and salty atmospheres etc.

Orient Power offers a comprehensive product line of porcelain ball-socket type suspension insulators for modern high voltage and in cases EHV applications, and 80KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator is one of them and has been sold well for many years.

80KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator-Orient Power               80KN anti-pollution suspension insulator-Orient Power

Anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator is to IEC Class 60383 standards for normal and high strength to 210KN suspension. The high suspension strength is broadly employed where a greater safety factor is required or when extra long span transmission lines may be dead ended. Suspension hardware is also available.

Dimension and sizing detail for 80KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator is covered here.

80KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator is bell shaped type anti-fog suspension insulator with the creepage distance of 432mm. It has big ridges, and can increase creepage distance, so it has better anti-pollution ability.

In addition to 80KN anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulator, Orient Power also supplies anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulators from 70KN to 210KN. For more information about these insulators, please refer your inquiry to Orient Power.

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