25/28KV composite deadend insulators,polymer dead end insulators

25/28KV composite deadend insulators consist of fiberglass core rod, silicone rubber or polymer weathersheds and metal fittings which connect 25/28KV polymer dead end insulators together.

25/28KV composite deadend insulators are one of the composite suspension insulators and used on MV&HV overhead distribution lines. It named deadend insulator because this kind suspension insulator usually installed on the deadend of the towers or electric poles.

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Easy to install, operate and maintain, the 25/28KV polymer dead end insulators offered by Orient Power have many advantages. For providing maximum satisfaction to our customers, Orient Power involves in the use of the finest raw materials and high-Tech machines. Known for the level of insulation, sturdiness & durability it provides, 25/28KV polymer deadend insulator are highly asked for.
Tested a few times before dispatch to ensure its quality, 25/28KV composite deadend insulators also have various sizes, designs and other related specifications.

25/28KV composite deadend insulators technical parameters:

Insulator technical description Unit Value
Rated voltage KV 28
Section length mm 433
Creepage distance mm 590
Dry arcing distance mm 290
Specified mechanical load KN 70
Power frequncy dry flashover voltage KV 135
Power frequncy wet flashover voltage KV 105
Positive impulse flashover voltage KV 225
Weight Kg 0.9

25/28KV composite dead end insulators type is DS-28, in addition to 25/28KV polymer dead end insulators, Orient Power also supplies other polymer dead end insulators, such as DS-15, DS-35, DS-46 and DS-69. More details about Orient Power composite deadend insulator, just contact us freely.

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