46KV composite deadend insulator,polymer dead end insulator

46KV composite deadend insulator, also called 46KV polymer dead end insulator in silicone rubber type, is made of highly waterproof material and high strength fiberglass material.

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46KV composite deadend insulator or 46KV polymer dead end insulator details:
46KV composite deadend insulator is designed, manufactured and tested according to ANSI C29.13 and IEC60120.
Having particularities of desirable toughness for its silicone rubber material and high mechanical strength for its fiber-glass rod core, 46KV polymer deadend insulator is used on the high-voltage distribution and transmission networks, especially for dead-end towers.

46KV composite deadend insulator or 46KV polymer dead end insulator technical data:

Insulator technical description Unit Value
Rated voltage KV 46
Section length mm 574
Creepage distance mm 988
Dry arcing distance mm 419
Specified mechanical load KN 70
Power frequncy dry flashover voltage KV 188
Power frequncy wet flashover voltage KV 150
Positive impulse flashover voltage KV 300
Weight Kg 1.5

Orient Power, as a suspension insulator manufacturer, manufactures all types of composite insulators, and has more than 30 years’ experience. The quality of our polymeric 46KV polymer dead end insulator is never compromised. Owing to the raw materials used in its making, our suspension insulators are quite sturdy, durable and resistant to corrosion.

In addition, because of its economical nature, 46KV composite deadend insulator is widely used in high voltage overhead T&D power lines of power system. Many customers are satisfied with our considerate service. Just contact us freely, if you need more details about suspension insulators.

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