69KV composite deadend insulator,dead end suspension insulators

69KV composite deadend insulator is a kind of dead end suspension insulators and consists of silicone rubber, fiber-glass rod and material hardware and plays a main role in high voltage distribution and transmission lines of power field.

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Orient Power design, produce and test 69KV dead end suspension insulators according to ANSI C29.13 and insulator products drawing provided by customers. These suspension insulators can keep safe and reliable over solar power fencing. The whole 69KV composite deadend insulator is manufactured using excellent quality raw materials with the help of highly advanced technology.

69KV polymer deadend insulator materials and advantages:
The core of the 69KV polymer deadend insulator is made of fiberglass-reinforced resin matrix. The core can affect the mechanical or electrical properties of the dead end suspension insulators.
The material of the weathersheds is silicon rubber and the silicon rubber is commonly used for the high voltage overhead line composite suspension insulators.
Except the cotter keys, the ground fitting and line fitting are usually made of steel or malleable iron.

69KV composite deadend insulator technical parameter:

Insulator technical description Unit Value
Rated voltage KV 69
Section length mm 733
Creepage distance mm 1798
Dry arcing distance mm 627
Specified mechanical load KN 70
Power frequncy dry flashover voltage KV 260
Power frequncy wet flashover voltage KV 205
Positive impulse flashover voltage KV 425
Weight Kg 2.3

In addition to 69KV composite deadend insulator or 69KV polymer deadend insulator, Orient Power also supplies composite dead end suspension insulators with other voltage grades, such as 15KV, 25KV, 28KV, 35KV, 46KV and 52KV.

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