12KV composite suspension insulator,tension polymer insulator

12KV composite suspension insulator or tension polymer insulator are highly mechanical tension load ensuring long span and compact power line and are light weight.

12KV composite suspension insulator is used on high voltage power system to hang conductors. The long rod polymer insulators consist of FRP core, silicone rubber sheds, ground fitting and line fitting. Ground fitting and line fitting also called end fittings or hardware, which is made of iron and steel.

12KV composite suspension insulator-Orient Power                  12KV polymer suspension insulator-Orient Power

12KV composite suspension insulator test:
Prototype tests: Water penetration test, aging or accelerated weathering test, dye penetration test, water diffusion test, power arc test, tracking and erosion test, tensile load test, torsional load test, thermal mechanical test, flammability test for the 12KV polymer suspension insulator or tension polymer insulator shed and housing material.

Electrical design tests: 12KV composite suspension insulator should do Low-frequency dry flashover test, Low-frequency wet flashover test, critical impulse flashover tests-positive and negative and radio-influence voltage.

Quality conformance tests: Dimensional tests, Galvanizing test, specified mechanical load test, retest procedure. This test can guarantee the quality of long rod polymer insulators.

Routine tests: Tension-proof test, visual examination. Orient Power does routine tests for each 12KV composite suspension insulator or tension polymer insulator.

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