35KV composite suspension insulator,composite disc insulator

35KV composite suspension insulator products are manufactured using the premium quality raw materials. The composite disc insulator or polymer long rod insulators is used on high voltage lines.

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35KV composite suspension insulator / 35KV composite disc insulator Features:
The composite suspension insulator consists of fiberglass epoxy resin lead-out rod, silicone rubber housing and end fitting or hardware.

Through once-molding technology, the silicone rubber housing and core rod were tightly integrated, so accidents caused by the 35KV polymer suspension insulator interface electrical breakdown are avoided.

With special colloid installation and compression Joint technique in the connection of the fiberglass epoxy resin lead-out rod and the hardware, the composite disc insulator has the advantages of high mechanical strength, nice figures, small volume, less weight. Another advantage is the polymer long rod insulators hardware which plated Zinc to resist erosion, can be interchanged with porcelain insulator.

35KV composite suspension insulator / composite disc insulator technical details:

Insulator technical description Unit Value
Rated voltage KV 35
Specified mechanical load KN 70
Section length mm 670
Creepage distance mm 810
Power frequncy wet withstand voltage KV 95
Lightning impulse withstand voltage KV 230

Orient Power is offering our customers a wide range of Composite Suspension Insulators. 35KV composite suspension insulator is suitable for overhead line electrical insulation of suspension or tension. If you need polymer long rod insulators, Orient Power will be a better choice for you.

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