U100BL disc suspension insulator,tension type insulators

U100BL disc suspension insulator is ball & socket type tension type insulators with a big structure height, 100KN Rated E&M failing load and Leakage distance of 295mm.

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About U100BL disc suspension insulator:
Ceramic porcelain suspension insulator is one type of most important and basic electrical insulator which be used on transmission and distribution overhead lines. U100BL disc suspension insulator shall be furnished with a hump-type cotter key which shall prevent the cotter bolt from unintentionally being pulled out of the tension type insulators cap during normal handling and use.

The function of U100BL disc suspension insulator is insulating and suspending conductor and this type tension type insulators can be assembled suspension insulator strings and tension insulator strings. The insulator shells shall be made of wet-process porcelain and be sound and free from defects that might adversely affect ceramic suspension insulators.

U100BL disc suspension insulator technical parameters:

IEC Type U100BL
Unit spacing H (mm) 146
Dia. D (mm) 255
Leakage distance (mm) 295
Rated E&M failing load- KN 100
Routine tension load-KN 50
Impact failing load (N.m) 7
Wet power freq. withstand voltage (KV) 40
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (KV) 100
Radio influence voltage Test voltage to ground (KV) 10
Max. RIV at 1MHz (μV) 50
Power freq. Puncture voltage (KV) 110

Orient Power is industry leading suspension insulator manufacturer and supplier. The U100BL disc suspension insulator materials that are used for end fittings are aluminum, steel, malleable cast iron, galvanizing steel and malleable iron casting. These tension type insulators are available at very reasonable price to our revered clients.

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