U300B disc suspension insulator,strain disc insulator

U300B disc suspension insulator is one of socket & ball (BS) type strain disc insulator used for high voltage transmission lines, and its failing load is 300KN and leakage distance is 370mm.

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U300B disc suspension insulator details of main parts:
CAPS & PINS materials: Caps are manufactured of malleable iron or ductile iron. Pins are forged steel. Caps and pins of U300B disc suspension insulator are galvanized per ASTM A153.
A permanently flexible coating on the inside of the cap and on the pin protects the cap and pin of U300B strain disc insulator from chemical attack by the cement. The coating also provides more uniform distribution of working stresses in the ceramic disc insulators components.

PORCELAIN SHELLS: Proven manufacturing techniques provide the finest quality porcelain to ensure uniformly high mechanical and electrical strength of U300B disc suspension insulator.
Each class of strain disc insulator has been designed with the unique configurations required to develop the required electrical and mechanical performance.
All exposed surfaces of U300B disc suspension insulator are glazed to provide a smooth hard finish, which is easily cleaned of contaminants, and which significantly enhances the suspension insulators mechanical strength.

U300B disc suspension insulator technical parameters details:

IEC Type U300B
Unit spacing H (mm) 195
Dia. D (mm) 320
Leakage distance (mm) 370
Rated E&M failing load- KN 300
Routine tension load-KN 150
Impact failing load (N.m) 10
Wet power freq. withstand voltage (KV) 45
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (KV) 110
Radio influence voltage Test voltage to ground (KV) 10
Max. RIV at 1MHz (μV) 50
Power freq. Puncture voltage (KV) 120

In addition to U300B disc suspension insulator, the following strain disc insulator are also in accordance with IEC60383 standard: U70BL, U70BS, U70C, U100BL, U120B, U160BS, U210B and U530B.

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