U530B disc suspension insulator,suspension type insulators

U530B disc suspension insulator is one of suspension type insulators consisting of porcelain parts, cotter keys and metal parts and used on MV & HV & EHV & UHV overhead lines.

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U530B disc suspension insulator assembly & test:
Assembly of U530B disc suspension insulator hardware and porcelain is made with Alumina cement, which has superior characteristics over the China cement which is normally used in suspension type insulators manufacturing process. The cement is steam-cured under controlled conditions to achieve optimum physical properties.
Each U530B suspension type insulators is mechanically proof-tested at 50% of its M&E rating and is electrically tested prior to shipment.

U530B disc suspension insulator marking & color:
Each U530B disc suspension insulator porcelain shell is permanently marked to show the manufacturer name, year of manufacture, M&E Strength and Proof-Test Value which has been applied to the porcelain disc suspension insulator.
Suspension type insulators are available in the following glaze colors: light gray, dark grey, and brown.

U530B disc suspension insulator technical parameters:

IEC Type U530B
Unit spacing H (mm) 240
Dia. D (mm) 380
Leakage distance (mm) 600
Rated E&M failing load- KN 530
Routine tension load-KN 265
Impact failing load (N.m) 10
Wet power freq. withstand voltage (KV) 55
Lighting impulse withstand voltage (KV) 140
Radio influence voltage Test voltage to ground (KV) 10
Max. RIV at 1MHz (μV) 50
Power freq. Puncture voltage (KV) 140

U530B disc suspension insulator is one of ceramic disc insulators manufactured and tested according to IEC60383 standard. Rated E&M failing load is 530KN and Leakage distance is 600mm. The end fitting connection way is ball and socket joint.

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