Composite suspension insulator,110KV 120KN composite suspension insulator

110KV 120KN Composite suspension insulator formation consists of FRP core, shed, housing and end fittings. Composite suspension insulator formation has different property.

Sheds: composite suspension insulator sheds suitable for customized and flexible insulation of flanges, fittings, and complex line systems, as well as electrical and other systems.

Housing: vulcanized housing insulation elements are particularly flexible and robust. Composite suspension insulators housing is available in various thicknesses. Closed insulation elements are also available.

composite suspension insulator                   110KV 120KN composite suspension insulator 
       composite suspension insulator             110KV composite suspension insulator 

Molded elements: we offer pre-manufactured and vulcanized molded elements for quick insulation of valves and fittings. Various formats are available to cover the most frequently used standard sizes of fittings. We can also supply made-to-order items.

Connect: the composite suspension insulator end fittings are supplied in steel for easy dispensing of the unvulcanized insulation material, making this the perfect solution for sealing slots and holes. An ideal add-on when use composite suspension insulator.

Accessories: our range of accessories widens the potential applications for composite suspension insulator. For example, we offer matching closure systems for reliable closure of the molded elements. A silicone rubber suspension insulator is also available.

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