suspension Composite insulator,110KV suspension Composite insulator

110KV suspension Composite insulator is made of silicone rubber, it can be called silicone rubber suspension insulator. Suspension composite insulator own different properties, such as 110KV is rated voltage of 33KV suspension composite insulator.

Suspension composite insulator:
Suspension Composite insulator is also called polymer suspension insulator. The voltage levels typically can upto 1000KV. 110KV suspension composite insulators are normal types. Its properties consist of rated voltage, mechanical strength, creepage distance, drying arcing distance and so on.

suspension Composite insulator                      110KV suspension Composite insulator
      suspension Composite insulator               110KV suspension Composite insulator

110KV suspension composite insulator properties:
Orient Power suspension insulators has been widely used by all major wind power generated companies and state electricity boards, suspension composite insulators has good tensile strength, tension strength has 70KN,100KN,120KN,160KN,210KN.

Suspension Composite insulator advantage:
Orient Power products are used to withstand extreme voltages without any hindrance. Orient Power products are known among the clients for its excellent durability and reliability. Suspension composite insulators are available as per the requirement of the clients.

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