11kv stay insulator

11kv stay insulator is one of stay insulator used on electrical poles for supporting and insulation, which is also called guy strain insulator.

11kv stay insulator

For ensuring insulator quality, we should do some tests, such as electrical performance test:
◆ The samples shall be dry and clean
◆ Stay insulator test, we can choose metal conductors
◆ Do them in accordance with insulator specifications

The tests for11kv stay insulator
◆ One by one test
◆ Sample test
◆ Routine test

The marking of 11kv stay insulator
◆ Insulator specification, model
◆ Insulator manufacturer’ name
◆ The manufacture time of 11kv stay insulator

11kv stay insulator is generally used on 11kv distribution power lines for supporting and insulating with high mechanical and electrical performance.


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