120 kn disc insulator

120 kn disc insulator is one of disc insulator, it is designed in 120kN rated electrical and mechanical failing load used for high voltage electrical systems.

120 kn disc insulator

The features of 120 kn disc insulator
◆ Consisting of cap iron, insulator spindle and porcelain units
◆ Can be divided into common disc insulator and longrod insulators
◆ Can be designed in any voltage level
◆ Used on transmission and distribution power lines

The characteristics of 120 kn disc insulator material
◆ Porcelain is Inorganic insulating material, made from the firing of quartz, feldspar and clay
◆ Good aging performance
◆ Electrical and mechanical performance
◆ The porcelain thickness is usually designed in 30-40mm
◆ Porcelain is one of brittle material, its compressive strength is much greater than tensile strength
◆ The common glazed porcelain insulator compressive strength upto 50kN/cm, the tensile strength upto 3kN/cm
◆ Thin porcelain units (thickness 1.5mm) has a high electrical strength, the withstand voltage can be up to 20KV/mm

120 kn disc insulator is one of electrical insulator used as insulation materials playing a role of supporting and insulating.


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