Composite suspension insulator, 220kV 120KN composite suspension insulator

220kv Composite suspension insulator:
220kV 120KN Composite suspension insulatoris one type of composite insulator. Composite suspension insulator is also called silicone rubber suspension insulator or composite long rod insulator.
220kV composite suspension insulators generally use on the voltage for 220kV transmission line. According to the different tension strength the 220KV composite suspension insulator can be divided into 100KN, 120KN, 210kv, etc.

Composite suspension insulator advantages:
Composite suspension insulators can effectively prevent pollution flashover outage and free from cleaning maintenance work with a very small size, they can take the place of porcelain or glass insulators. Composite suspension insulators reduce the pole height and economize lots of financial and material resources.

composite suspension insulator                       220kV composite suspension insulator
          composite suspension insulator     220kV composite suspension insulator   

Composite suspension insulator requirements
Composite suspension insulator is need long-term operation of external insulation devices, designs requirements for service life at least 30 to 50 years. Composite suspension insulators Standards have IEC, ANSI, DIN, GB and etc. Composite suspension insulator Colors have grey, red, etc.

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