33KV post insulator shall be designed and manufactured to avoid stresses due to expansion and contraction which may lead to deterioration, stress concentration due to direct engagement of Porcelain with metal fittings and shapes which do not facilitate cleaning by normal methods.


The Post Insulator shall be sound, free from defects, thoroughly verified, smoothly glazed and type of Post Insulator shall be Stack Type. The glaze shall be brown in color. The glaze shall cover the exposed Porcelain parts of the Insulator.

Cement used in the construction of post insulator shall not cause fracture by expansion or loosening by contraction and shall not give rise to chemical reaction with the metal fittings and its thickness shall be uniform.

The electrical and mechanical characteristics of Post Insulator shall conform to the International specific technical parameters of.

33KV Post Insulator shall be suitable for upright mounting on steel structures.


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