33KV polymer disc insulator

33KV polymer disc insulator is made of glassfiber epoxy core rod, silicone rubber shed and metal fittings. Polymer suspension insulators have consistent mechanical and electrical performance throughout entire service life.

33KV polymer deadend insulator            33KV polymer disc insulator

33KV polymer disc insulator advantages:
The design of the insulators shed adopted unique aerodynamics principle.
Y-Clevis, Eye and Clevis are according to ANSI C29.12. Socket & Ball and Tongue are according to ANSI C29.2.
Weather sheds of it is designed for polluted conditions.
The Interface of it - core to housing- thickness conforming to IEC
The equivalent diameter of the normal composite insulators is much smaller than normal porcelain insulator, this is also the most important reason why composite suspension insulator is very good at anti-pollution.

We produce each disc insulator undergo a rigorous test. Routine test and sample test is a must for every factory to confirm good quality of polymer insulators. When leaving the factory, insulators should also do the tests of dimension verification, appearance inspection, porosity test and Transverse strength test.

33KV polymer disc insulator of the Orient Power has been installing for a long time, namely since 1978, in many Countries both on MV and HV lines.

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