69 kV polymer suspension insulators and price

Suspension type transmission line insulators suspend and support high voltage transmission lines. We mainly produce 69 kV polymer suspension insulators and price is reasonable. They are cost effective for higher voltage transmission, typically replacing multiple pin type insulators.

69 kV polymer suspension insulator                polymer suspension insulator

69 kV polymer suspension insulators have a number of interconnected porcelain discs, with each individual unit designed to support a particular voltage. Together, a system of these discs is capable of effectively supporting high voltages. There are three types of disc suspension insulators: cemented cap suspension insulators; interlinking or Hewlett suspension insulators; and link or core suspension insulators.

The advantages of 69 kV polymer suspension insulators and price:
In case of increased demand on the transmission line, it is found more satisfactory to supply the greater demand by raising the line voltage than to provide another set of conductors. The additional insulation required for the raised voltage can be easily obtained in the suspension arrangement by adding the desired number of discs.

The 69 kV polymer suspension insulators or other suspension type insulators are generally used with steel towers. As the conductors run below the earthed cross-arm of the tower, therefore, this arrangement provides partial protection from lightning.

The main product of 69 kV polymer suspension insulator and price is competitive in the light of high technology and rich experience.

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