69 kv polymer suspension insulator and price

69 kv polymer suspension insulator is earliest developed insulator which can be used on power grid up to 69KV system. 69 kv polymer suspension insulator and price is competitive. There exists one part, two parts or three parts about 69 kv polymer suspension insulator. It depends upon by application voltage. For example, in 69KV system we generally use one part 69 kv polymer suspension insulator for overhead line where whole suspension insulator is one piece of properly shaped composite polymer. As the leakage path of insulator is through its surface, it is desirable to increase the vertical length of the insulator surface area for lengthening leakage path. In order to add lengthy leakage path, two, or more sheds are provided on the69 kv polymer suspension insulator body. There is another purpose about sheds which are on pin type insulator body. In case of raining, the outer surface of the shed becomes wet but the inner surface remains dry and non-conductive, which is another aim to designing sheds. The sheds will be discontinuations of conducting path through the wet pin insulator surface.

What is the difference 69 kv polymer suspension insulators for overhead insulator from 69 kv polymer suspension insulator for overhead insulator? They have disparate sheds; different creepage distance and power frequency withstand voltage and mechanical failing load.

69 kv polymer suspension insulator

Orient specializes in manufacturing and exporting disparate voltage level 69 kv polymer suspension insulator for overhead line .It concludes suspension composite insulators, power fittings, bushings, accessories for power transmission lines and substations. In addition to supplying high-quality products to our customers, meanwhile, we provide superior technical assistance and services to meet clients’ various needs. Our reliable quality, competitive prices and good business practices have enabled us to establish successful business relationships with companies from over 20 countries around the world.
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