Composite deadend insulator,70KN 46KV composite deadend insulator

Composite deadend insulator:
Composite deadend insulators are used on overhead transmission and distribution lines with line voltage in the range 69KV. 70KN 46KV composite deadend insulator consists of FRP core, silicone rubber shed, housing with two metal end-fittings attached to the rod during assembly as well as all composite insulators.

70KN 46KV composite deadend insulator                      composite deadend insulator
70KN 46KV composite deadend insulator                composite deadend insulator            


46KV composite deadend insulator parameters:

Insulator technical description Unit value
type   DS-46
Rated voltage kV 46
Section length L mm 590±50
Min. Leakage distance mm 900
Low-Frequency Dry flashover kV 180
Low-Frequency Wet flashover kV 145
Positive critical impluse flashover kV 280
Test voltage kV 30
Max. RIV@1000kHZ   10
Min.S.M.L LB 10000
Min. Torsional load FT-LB 35

70KN 46KV composite deadend insulator cantilever:
We adopt sample test to detect 46kV composite deadend insulator cantilever strength, which belongs to composite suspension insulator. Composite deadend insulator should withstand certain cantilever strength; this is the main parameter of insulator. For 46kv composite deadend insulator 70KN is very important.

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