Ceramic suspension insulator,70KN anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator

70KN anti-pollution Ceramic suspension insulator as one type of ceramic suspension insulator is also called ceramic disc insulator.

70KN ceramic suspension insulator structure:
70KN ceramic suspension insulator is made up of porcelain unit, iron cap, steel pin. The iron cap and steel pin are assembled with porcelain part with cement. The cap and pin should be on the same axial line and don’t have obvious deflection.

70KN anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator                   ceramic disc insulator
    70KN anti-pollution ceramic suspension insulator               ceramic disc insulator                              

Ceramic suspension insulator design:
Anti-pollution Ceramic Suspension insulators can be called anti-pollution porcelain suspension insulators, which are designed to link together into strings, typically of two or more, to provide much higher voltage protection than any single insulator. Suspension insulators are typically used on high tension power transmission towers as shown above. Porcelain is by far the most commonly used insulating material but there are a number of composite styles as well. Porcelain suspension insulators revolutionized the power distribution industry allowing much higher voltage protection -- there are several 1,000kV DC transmission lines utilizing suspension insulators.

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