ANSI Porcelain disc insulator

When our customers think of trouble free transmission insulators with the longevity to outpace life time expectations of the transmission lines supported, they think of ANSI porcelain disc insulator from Orient Insulators. With a proven track record of over 30 years of manufacturing, over millions of units in service, and a reliability record that far exceeds that of similar glass insulators or other porcelain manufacturers, the porcelain disc suspension insulator from Orient Insulators provides today's engineers something that is missing from many other manufacturers and products, peace of mind.

ANSI Porcelain disc insulator                ANSI Porcelain suspension insulator

All ANSI porcelain disc insulators from Orient Insulators are manufactured to specifications developed utilizing decades of experience in leading technical advancements in the disc suspension insulators marketplace, resulting in rigorous standards exceeding ANSI and CSA. Each manufacturing lot is held to rigorous quality control standards and scrutinized by our quality control team to ensure continuous improvement in product performance under sample destructive testing. This strict attention to detail in manufacturing, materials, design and quality control results in a consistent, repeatable, and reliable insulator that once put into service provides our customers peace of mind.

ANSI Porcelain disc insulators Characteristics:
Strength classes: 20,000 lbs. to 50,000 lbs
Hardware: Ball & Socket, Clevis & Tongue
Creepage distances: Standard Profiles
Corrosion resistant zinc sleeve available
Glaze Colors: ANSI 70, Brown, Dark Gray

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