ANSI Porcelain suspension insulators

Orient Power suspension insulator manufacturer can supply composite suspension insulators and ANSI Porcelain suspension insulators. Porcelain suspension insulator b&s types are as like as polymer suspension insulator, sometimes they can replace each other using.
With porcelain disc insulators that feature our semiconducting glaze, you almost never have to worry about salt deposits or corona discharges. They features have improved contamination performance, improved RIV performance, construction Puncture proof body, Consistent mechanical strength, long lasting durability.

ANSI Porcelain suspension insulator                     Porcelain suspension insulator

Orient Power porcelain suspension insulator has been widely used by all major wind power generated companies and state electricity boards. Porcelain insulator price is more competitive than other electrical company.
Porcelain disc suspension insulator application on high voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines is working as insulation and fixing the conductors. Suspension insulators transmission line voltages can upto 1000KV.
The iron cap and steel pin of porcelain disc insulator are assembled with porcelain part with cement and should be on the same axial line and don’t have obvious deflection. 

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