ANSI for Composite suspension Insulators,Transmission Suspension Type

Covers ANSI for composite suspension insulatorsmade of a fiberglass-reinforced resin rod core, polymer material weathersheds and metal end fittings intended for use on overhead transmission lines for electric power systems, 10 kV and above. Mechanical and electrical performance levels specified herein are required for new insulator.

Economic Benefits of ANSI for composite suspension insulators:
Low costs of transportations and insulator cleaning.
Low costs of repair and replacement of insulators
No breakage during transportation, handling, loading/unloading and assembly works; Application in heavy polluted and hard-to-reach areas (swampy areas and highlands)

ANSI for Composite suspension Insulator

ANSI for composite suspension insulators note:
1. IEC, ANSI, GB and other international standards are applicable.
2. The color is Gray generally; red or white as well as other colors are available.
3. OEM is accessible to us, or we design and produce per drawings & specifications.

Orient Power comprises a manual of test methods to be followed in making tests to determine the characteristics of electrical insulators and ANSI for composite suspension insulators.

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