Advantages of suspension insulator

There are some advantages of suspension insulator, compared to other type insulators in accordance with insulator materials, insulator application etc.

Advantages of suspension insulator

According to insulator application, compared to other type insulators, Advantages of suspension insulator
◆ Suspension insulator can be designed in any voltage made from polymer material
◆ Suspension insulator can be used in any voltage level power lines made from porcelain material
◆ Application flexible
◆ Suspension insulators are cheaper in cost compared to pin insulators for using voltage above 33kv
◆ Easy to maintain

Suspension insulator is made from porcelain material, Advantages of suspension insulator
◆ Long service time
◆ Good mechanical strength
◆ Used in suspension insulator string

There are other advantages of suspension insulator, such as suspension insulator widely used in transmission and distribution power lines.


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