Anti-fog 220KV porcelain disc insulator

Anti-fog 220KV porcelain disc insulator can be used in contaminate areas. Orient Anti-fog 220KV porcelain disc insulator is designed, manufactured and tested in conformance with the requirements of ANSI Standard C.29.2. All insulator hardware is ferrous.

Standard color is sky gray, other colors such as Brown, Blue are available. Standard cotter keys are stainless steel. Zinc Sleeves can be provided upon request.

Anti-fog 220KV porcelain disc insulator                  IEC porcelain disc insulator

Transmission lines are often referred to as the “backbone” of the electrical system, and need rock solid components to ensure long lasting reliability. Orient Power anti-fog 220KV porcelain disc insulator, for use on high voltage and extra high voltage transmission lines, provide utilities with the flexibility and reliability required for such critical applications.

A wide range of additional designs are available. We have an Independent laboratory can help you with special designs for extreme conditions.

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