Anti fog disc insulator

Anti fog disc insulator can be designed in tongue & clevis, ball &socket that provide a cost effective for low, medium and high polluted environments.

Anti fog disc insulator

The characteristics of Anti fog disc insulator
◆ Made from high grade raw material
◆ Providing high performance
◆ Used for transmission as well as distribution lines
◆ Safe and hassle free delivery of these products
◆ Compared to post insulators, Anti fog disc insulator can be used as capacitive gradation
◆ Used in diverse industrial and commercial applications for their highly efficient features

Anti fog disc insulator is designed in big creepage distance due to their distinctive geometrical configuration. The advantages of Anti fog disc insulator
◆ Excellent anti-pollution performance, suitable for high polluted area
◆ Free of cleaning
◆ No need of zero value check

Anti fog disc insulator can be divided into double shed type, triple shed type, bell type and hat type used in any contamination levels areas.


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