Ball and socket coupling,suspension insulator,split pin

Ball and socket coupling, split pin is one of suspension insulator coupling ways. Ball and socket coupling shall couple on each suitably and when installing, shall be handled easily and when servicing, shall not be united easily.

Ball and socket coupling

Ball and socket coupling

The material socket shall be spheroidal graphite cast iron in accordance with ISO 1083 and pin ball shall be high strength steel in accordance with ISO 630.
The socket shall have a circular hole and a flat bottom for fixing with split-pin and shall be suitable for coupling with ball in accordance with IEC60120.
The whole surface of socket and ball shall be hot dip galvanized coated equally for protection against corrosion in complying with ISO 1460.
The surface shall be free from contamination which will not be removed by pickling, e.g. paint, oil, grease, welding, slag, etc. The coating shall be continuous, as uniform and as smooth as possible in order to prevent injury during handling.
The maximum area of one uncoated spot may be 4mm2, but the whole uncoated surface shall be not more than 0.5% of the approximate total surface of the metal part with a maximum of 20mm2. The coating shall be sufficiently adherent to withstand handling consistent with the normal use of the article, without peeling or flaking in accordance with clause 26.2 of IEC 60383-1.
Minimum average value of coating mass for metallic part shall be 500g/m2 for each insulator unit, which equal to 85μm of thickness of coating in accordance with clause 26.2 of IEC 60383-1.
The dimensions of pin ball and socket shall be suitable for coupling each in accordance with IEC 60120 and conform to insulator specifications.

Split pin for suspension insulator
Split pin shall be made of stainless steel and shall not give rise to significant contact corrosion (chemical reaction) between that and the ball & socket coupling. A split pin shall be designed for locking the minimum size pin ball in the maximum size socket in accordance with clause 2 of IEC 60372.
One of the legs of the Split pin has a hump and the free ends are bent outwards after insertion into the socket. These features provide two distinct positions for the split-pin when operated for locking and coupling, and complete withdrawal from the socket is effectively prevented in accordance with clause 4.1 of IEC 60372.
The standard dimensions of Split pin shall be suitable for coupling each in accordance with IEC 60372.

Ball and socket coupling , split pin are the suspension insulator end fittings installed on the cross arms or towers to support insulators and conductors.

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