Bolt PG clamp

Bolt PG clamp general use vise type aluminum, single bolt aluminum to aluminum and/or aluminum to copper. Recommended for aluminum or aluminum to copper distribution.

Bolt PG clamp

Heavy duty construction for aluminum to aluminum or aluminum to copper conductors connections. And sealant is recommended for all connections.

For copper connections-Splice, Loop deadend or service entrance tap or grounding connections.
One piece design for easier, faster installation
Bolt head design for use with standard ratchet wrench
Vise design achieves high connector pressure with low wrench force
Easily installs with live line tools

Bronze alloy ground clamp for tapping copper conductor to transformer tank, tapered threads at base of stud ensure positive locking and electrical contact without lockwashers.

Bolt PG clamp, for copper to copper conductor connections. One or two copper conductors to steel structure or transformer for grounding.


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