Composite Based EHV AC Overhead Transmission Lines

Composite Based EHV AC Overhead Transmission Lines levels are still not seen as possibility, the future ex-pansion of transmission grids are dependent on new solutions with lessened environment impact, especially with regard to the visual impact.

Composite Based EHV AC Overhead Transmission Lines

Overhead lines at transmission level are the backbone of any national power grid today. New overhead line projects however are at the same time subject to ever greater public resistance due to the lines environmental impact.

To form the basis for evaluation of the useability of composite materials, different overhead line projects aimed at reducing the environmental impact are analysed with regard to their visual impact reducing design steps. These are used to form the basis for overhead line system design ideas, which are analysed with regard to application of composite materials and components.

Standards and guidelines for dimensioning of overhead line systems are presented and composite based high voltage components are examined with respect to current loadability and required dimensions due to voltages and mechanical loads.

Composite Based EHV AC Overhead Transmission Lines, composite materials and components, when applied in EHV systems, are exposed to electrical, mechanical, thermal and environmental ageing mechanisms.


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