Composite deadend & suspension insulators

Orient Power has been leading the way with composite deadend & suspension insulators under the distinguished China name. Composite transmission suspension insulators embody the latest in polymer design and manufacturing features.

Composite suspension insulator                Composite deadend insulator

Composite deadend & suspension insulators formation:
Composite deadend insulator or suspension insulator product line has an offering for several DS class ratings, in accordance with ANSI C29.11 standards. Composite suspension insulators are produced from the highest quality materials. Strands in the fiberglass rod are aligned for maximum tensile strength, with electrical grade glass fibers. Steel end fittings are crimped directly to the fiberglass rod by a process originated by China and later adopted by other suspension insulator manufacturers. The crimp requires no inter movement of the parts to achieve high strength, nor does it introduce potting compounds or adhesives. Composite deadend & suspension insulators are manufactured with silicone rubber, the same proven material used in other composite insulators. Silicone rubber is a polymer compound made by alloying silicone and MVQ rubber. This carbon steel offers the desired toughness and resistance to tracking of the original FPR, along with the hydrophobic characteristics derived from.

Our composite deadend & suspension insulators are backed by thorough testing and research to provide our customers with high performance products.

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