Composite long rod insulator

Insulators of the long rod-design have been in use in Central Europe for more than 40 years made by composite, also called composite long rod insulator; in several countries they have replaced the previous cap and pin type insulators (in the USA often referred to as suspension type insulators).

Composite long rod insulator             Composite suspension insulator

More recently, the advantages of composite long rod insulators have
◆ Found new places of installation also in other countries, specifically in high-voltage transmission lines being confronted with heavy solid-layer pollution problems.
◆ Theoretical considerations anticipate also consider an advantages with an HVDC-insulation.
◆ Of special interest is also the long rod design as composite long rod insulator.

In spite of their worldwide application and the excellent service experiences gained - especially in the case of conventional composite long rod insulators or composite suspension insulator- the technical characteristics of these insulators are not yet adequately known in many places. Thus, we will present a survey on the electrical and mechanical properties as well as the insulation performance under pollution, performance under power arcs, and the interference-voltage behavior.

Furthermore, the particulars and differences during installation and operation of composite long rod insulators in comparison to strings of cap and pin-type insulators/composite suspension insulators are pointed out. The technologically sensible dimensioning limitations are described. The observations prove that long rod insulators represent an advantageous solution and are best suited for future line requirements.

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