Composite silicone rubber insulators

There is a growing demand for a high voltage composite with high mechanical property and high electrical property to support or insulate wire. The products are also called composite silicone rubber insulators. More and more countries used the composite suspension insulator replacing porcelain suspension insulator.

Composite silicone rubber insulator

Composite silicone rubber insulator

The effect of modified cross-linking agent on the mechanical, electrical properties and short circuit test performance is an important part of composite silicone rubber insulators. To use base silicone rubber, the various silicones were prepared by the equilibrium polymerization. Such as disc suspension insulators need to do some tests for ensuring whether qualified.

The performance of composite silicone rubber insulators
The mechanical property and electrical property for insulation materials were measured, indicating the high tensile strength and the good short-circuit property.

Composite silicone rubber insulators have many important performances. If you want to learn more about it, please visit Orient Power website. 

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