Composite suspension Insulators for Overhead Lines

The composite suspension insulators for Overhead Lines is a world-wide using trend toward replacing ceramic and glass insulators that are lighter in weight, as well as being superior in pollution withstand voltage characteristics and resistance to impact (to counter vandalism)

The IEC, an international standards organization, has tested this kind of composite suspension insulators for electrical and mechanical performance and has confirmed their reliability, but the use of organic material as the insulating material has aroused reservations about long-term adding.

Composite suspension Insulator

Composite suspension Insulators for Overhead Lines Fiber glass rod:
Acid resistant fiber glass rod is commonly used.
Epoxy fiber glass rod is also available as per customer’s specification.

Composite suspension Insulators for Overhead Lines Grading rings:
At higher operating voltages, grading rings are necessary to reduce the voltage gradient on and within insulators, and to reduce radio noise to acceptable levels.

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