Composite suspension insulators for high voltage

Composite suspension insulators for high voltage sort sometimes fabricated from porcelain that may be stacked in a very string and hangs from a cross arm on a tower or pole and supports the line conductor. Composite suspension insulators are used for terribly high voltage systems once it's not sensible or safe to use alternative type of insulators. They have a plus in this one or additional of the insulators in a string is modified out while not commutation the whole string.

Composite suspension insulators for high voltage are of 3 varieties composite Tension Insulators, composite suspension insulators and composite deadend insulators.

Composite deadend insulator                  Composite suspension insulator

Composite suspension insulators for high voltage property:
Composite suspension insulators have small volume, light weight (only for the same voltage grade of porcelain suspension insulator 1/6~1/9), lightness structure, too easy for transportation and installation, the shed has favorable waterproof performance, which the whole structure assure the internal insulation is not wet, not need to test of prevent insulation and cleanup, to reduce the routine maintenance work capacity
And the Composite suspension insulators also have good sealing performance, strength anti-ageing, corrosion proof, low-temperature proof performance, the suspension insulators are applied to -40℃~+40℃ areas, Composite suspension insulators have strong resistance to impact and creep resistance, unbearable anti-bend, high anti-bend strength, loading internal, force and strong explosion proof, can exchange use of porcelain, glass suspension insulator each other.

Orient Composite tension insulators are premeditated for applications up to system voltages of 1000 KV.

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