Dead ends insulators

Dead ends insulators also called suspension insulators used for dead end electrical towers and angle towers for supporting and insulation wires or conductors.

Dead ends insulators         Dead ends insulators

According to insulator materials, Dead ends insulators can be divided into
◆ Porcelain Dead ends insulators
◆ Polymer Dead ends insulators

The porcelain Dead ends insulators technical data:
◆ Dry arcing distance: 4.5 inches
◆ Leakage distance:7 inches
◆ Combined M & E strength: 10000 pound
◆ Mechanical, impact strength: 45 inch / pound
◆ Routine proof test load: 5000 pound
◆ Time load test value: 6000 pound
◆ Maximum work load: 5000 pound
◆ Critical impulse flashover positive voltage: 100kv

The polymer Dead ends insulators technical data:
◆ Dry arcing distance: 7 1/2 inches
◆ Leakage distance:16 2/16inches
◆ Specified mechanical load: 15736pound
◆ Tensile load: 35inch / pound
◆ Routine test load: 7868 pound
◆ Typical application voltage: 15kv
◆ Low frequency dry flashover voltage: 95kv
◆ Critical impulse flashover positive voltage: 145kv

Dead ends insulators is made from porcelain material and glazed in grey or brown in accordance with insulator specifications or clients’ reqiuirement.


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