Disconnectors isolators for outdoor use 12 – 420kv

Disconnectors isolators are widely used in the outdoor dicconnectors which the voltage from 12 – 420kv.

Disconnectors isolators

The requirements for the disconnector shall, when applicable, also be valid for the movable part of a circuit-breaker ( where the breaker ruck has the function as disconnector) and for the disconnecting function of the disconnecting circuit-breaker.

Applicable standards for Disconnectors isolators: SS, EN, IEC
Design of disconnector:
Corrosion protection
The external parts are made of corrosion resistant material. Steel is corrosion free or protected by hot-dip galvanizing
Bearings is designed that lubrication is not necessary. Where such bearing designs cannot be applied, the bearing is designed for greasing and provided with hydraulic grease nipples.

Insulators have porcelain or polymer type, and are accordance with IEC and other applicable standards.

Current carrying parts
H.V. terminals

Disconnectors isolators will do type tests before delivery as per the standards, if need more information, welcome to contact us.


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