Distribution dead end insulators

Distribution dead end insulators are usually made by silicone rubber used for voltage below 69kV transmission and distribution lines. Silicone rubber is one main of polymer materials. So distribution dead end insulators is also called polymer dead end insulator.


The properties of distribution dead end insulators materials
The Orient silicone rubber formulation has consistently outperformed other silicone formulations in its hydrophobicity, its hydrophobicity recovery rate, and enhanced electrical properties in contaminated environments.

The design of Distribution dead end insulators
◆ Primary Seal -Rubber sheath compressed into chamfer of end fitting.
◆ Secondary seal - RTV silicone applied to core / sheath / end fitting interface.
◆ Tertiary seal - final external RTV seal applied to sheath /end fitting interface.

Distribution dead end insulators have superiority to withstand moisture penetration. Such as 25/28KV polymer dead end insulators -Stacked Shed configuration offers inherent protection against material again in critical areas of the sheath and resists the resultant material erosion when installed in highly contaminated environments. In addition, stacked shed profiles enhance the ability of the insulator to resist mechanical damage in these most critical areas during transportation and installation.

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