EHV bus-support and pedestal assembly

EHV bus-support is used in EHV substations, for the EHV bus-support and pedestal assembly it is hard to choose suitable products, since the extreme high voltages have a high require on the pedestal assembly quality. A good pedestal assembly can ensure a high performance in operation.

EHV bus-support

The ideal ways to purchasing EHV bus-support and pedestal assembly is to buy bus-support clamp, insulator and support pedestal as a complete unit.
The insulator and the conductor clamp can influence the radio noise, meanwhile, the support pedestal and clamp design can affect the switching surge withstand voltage of the insulator, for EHV bus-support and pedestal assembly they are very important, so the good method to ensure the high quality is purchase them together.

To process EHV bus-support orders following information is needed:
Bus height above concrete foundations
Conductors size and material
Type of clamp, the clamp is used as either fixed type or slide type, by merely reversing the top clamping members. The material of clamp is stainless-steel.
Span length or better yet, substation plan drawing
Phase spacing
Nominal voltage
Type of insulator
System fault capacity in amperes or MVA
Switching surge withstand rating


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