EHV polymer insulators properties

The electrical voltage is keep rising in recent years, because of the high requirement of electrical, so higher EHV polymer insulators properties are required, such as safety, reliability, practicability and technical etc.


EHV polymer insulators properties

Following are several EHV polymer insulators properties:
The product discharge gap is arranged horizontally, fixed, there are special discharge bulb discharge, it achieve the reliability discharge point across, the gap has been adjusted, it always easy to installation. The mechanical failing load reach to 140kN and other properties are superior than porcelain insulator.

Connecting component is less than common porcelain insulator, this type insulator is easy to carry, cause it only have 2.8kG while porcelain insulator is 12.38kgs, it make work easy and simple.

Composite insulator’s core have a high mechanical load than steel and high strength porcelain, it is made by reinforce fiberglass so it have a better insulation and shock absorption properties and Anti-fatigue fracture properties. In additional, this insulator is made by silicone rubber insulator, it have a better hydrophobic, the water won’t form a discharge path, this type material also have a good resistance of corrosion.

Composite insulators are fixed to the support frame according to the actual situation of open space line, Determine the composite insulators group with the material structure and process, this insulator have easy-manufactured, lightening weight, high resistance corrosion properties, it have a huge economic benefits and social benefits.


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