Effect polymer insulators

Effect polymer insulators have many factors; we can do some tests about polymer insulators according to these factors. Such as one of effect disc suspension insulators are end fittings connection types.

suspension insulator            polymer insulators

What can affect polymer insulators?
◆ The quality grade about polymer insulators
◆ The manufacturing process about polymer insulators
◆ The properties of polymer insulators
◆ The design drawings of polymer insulators

One of effect polymer insulators is materials. For ensuring the quality of polymer suspension insulators, Orient Power is a prime Manufacturer and Supplier of Polymer Insulators in a wide range of sizes. We use high quality raw materials like FRP Rod, Silicon Rubber shed, housing and hardware in the manufacturing of Polymer suspension  Insulators.

One of effect polymer insulators is application. Our Polymer Insulators is widely used in Power Transmission and Distribution power line. Orient Power provide Polymer Insulators in Grey and Red colors with packaging in carton.

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