Electric insulator glass

Glass and porcelain are used for electric insulators. Electric insulator glass is one main of electrical insulators. The insulator is used to physically support the conductor. The current does not flow through the insulator.

Electric insulator glass              glass suspension insulator

The status quo of electric insulator glass
Glass was seldom used, more likely they are white porcelain and nearly indestructible. The wire insulation is more of a concern that the electric insulators. Electric insulator glass is the other kind of electrical glass insulator. Call a qualified professional; electrician to do an inspection. Nowadays, most power companies used porcelain or composite insulator, such as composite suspension insulator gradually replace porcelain suspension insulator.

The materials of insulator:
Some materials such as glass or Teflon are very good electrical insulators. A much larger class of materials, for example electric insulator glass and most plastics are still "good enough" to insulate electrical wiring and cables even though they may have lower bulk resistivity.

Electric insulator glass include disc suspension insulators, pin insulators, line post insulators and so on.

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