Electrical insulator,Composite suspension insulator

 Composite suspension insulator belongs to electrical insulators. Composite suspension insulator mainly applies to transmission line and other apparatus, which is an important electrical equipment.

Composite suspension insulator tests’ requirements:
Before the tests, all samples composite suspension insulators were carefully cleaned so that all traces of dirt and grease were removed and dried naturally. The surfaces of the samples were coated by a very thin layer of dry kieselguhr to destroy the hydrophobicity which would be at the degree of WC4 or WC5.

composite suspension insulator                        Electrical composite suspension insulator
           composite suspension insulator               Electrical composite suspension insulator

The advantage of composite suspension insulator:
Composite suspension insulator consists of FRP core, silicone rubber shed, silicone rubber housing and end fittings. Silicon rubber sheds provide perfect hydrophobic performance, good resistance to ageing, tracking and erosion Stable behaviors at extreme climatic conditions Long term surface hydrophobic Suitable for polluted environment, salty atmospheres etc. Silicone rubber sheds design can influence creepage distance and the power frequency flashover voltage.

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