Fiberglass rod for electrical insulators

Fiberglass rod for electrical insulators is a core to support the whole electrical insulators, Fiberglass rod for electrical insulators need to have a good quality, because it is the main part on electrical insulators which bearing the mechanical loads, or other strength like tension, bending, or compression strength or all three, it is depending on the application and load scenario.

Fiberglass rod for electrical insulators

Fiberglass rod for electrical insulator is an essential component, it is made in a continuous poltrusion process it can produce into different diameter according client’s requirements.

Fiberglass rod for electrical insulators is combining to end fitting by crimp, every electrical insulators needed twice crimp in order to prevent moisture; the connection of fiberglass and housing is by vulcanizing which is to protect interface from water penetrations, these technology can make sure fiberglass rod for electrical insulator have a long-term service ages.

For the fiberglass rod for electrical insulators, the glass sizing is important for the bond to the resin matrix, which characterized is low moisture absorption and by negligible change of electrical and mechanical properties.

Some advantage of Fiberglass rod for electrical insulators:
Corrosion resistant
Non-magnetic electromagnetic transparency
Dimensional stability
Long life cycle
Lower long-term cost
Low maintenance


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